Both sides… now! (Political parties) Veterans Day, 2019

Tomorrow will be Veterans Day.. What I think and speak about today: Is the political parties of our country, and of course the Vietnam War. This discussion will continue and probably fade away after the last Vietnam Veteran has passed away. Along when the last of the baby boomers are gone..

The Democrats started and ignored the plea of Ho Chi Minh in his letter in 1946 to President Harry S Truman asking for America’s help. Because France was now on a campaign to suppress the Vietnamese nationalist. Who wanted to be free of their colonial rule. This would be the start of the blame game, and in 1970 when President Richard Nixon ordered the incursion into Cambodia. All hell broke loose across our country! College students would die from exercising their freedom of speech. While Republican mom’s in Ohio said they deserved to die.

That was in 1970 and next year May 1,2020 – Will be Fifty years later. So what has changed? Very little, no one accepts responsibility.

So what’s the point you may ask and think. Why do I write about an experience of what is now history. Or about on November 10, 2007. While filming the opening ceremony of Veterans Day in Washington D.C. At the National Mall, when Paul Bucha, U.S. Army, Captain – Medal of Honor recipient would chastise the politicians who did not attend Veterans Day ceremonies in our nation’s capital. You can view his comment’s in the documentary film posted on YouTube. You can view this and here’s the link: if you want to hear his remarks go to the 30:00 minute time and you hear his remarks.

What he said that day rings true. While at the same time, the protestors of the Vietnam war. Walked away just as others did from the veterans who returned home. Without help.. to be accepted again into society. We already know of the PTSD, the suicide of 40, 000 Vietnam veterans who could no longer bear the pain and torture.

Of course I can go on, because its something some people in our country want to ignore. While politicians of both parties will say a lot of nothing. Because they only cared about keeping their children from the draft as they did during Vietnam. The Democrats would spend a lot of time about being anti-war. Yet, most of the time, it was just hot air.

I feel our country along with most of the population (I may get boos) from the conservatives that say they support us. Who only supports the physical wounds of war. Not our Freedom of Speech. WHY? Because our can country chooses… Denial. They(the conservatives) don’t like the criticism we direct to the Republican party. Yet they enjoy privileges, while we struggle because our families didn’t have the money, to attend college.

Our country and the majority of our citizens take Freedom for granted. Ask any Veteran today … How many people stopped and said: “Thank You for Your Service.” This became evident over the last 30 years. It was depressing and makes us feel unworthy and not appreciated. While the younger generation of veterans from the Gulf War, 1991, and Balkan war 1996 time frame. Didn’t have to endure the stigmatism. Then-President George W. Bush chose to go back to Iraq, in 2003. While the Afghanistan war was already in progress, because of terrorist support from the Taliban, in 2001.

Both sides regardless of their political party pass bills to help these younger veterans. Did so rather quickly. While still many of my generation have to file appeals with Veterans Administration from our experiences over 50 years ago.

Yesterday while shopping at Sprouts, University Hills district of south Denver. I approached a USMC veteran. I thanked him for his service, he was genuinely happy and smiled! That, someone, noticed him. His comment to me was about: “How no one cares!” I knew what he meant.. He didn’t want to talk about it because of the hurt.

Tomorrow, I will post pictures of a couple of veterans who lost their limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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