Virgina Beach School districts discriminate – Special Education chlldren.

I happen upon the broadcast by PBS series Making the Grade. Jan. 29, 19; is about Virginia Beach denying Special Education children who are dependents of U.S. Navy personnel.

Here is the link: Making the Grade

When you read the transcript or view the video, I think those of us who have served. Will be shocked and angered by the Virginia Beach school districts who take the position of ” they won’t be here next or gone in a couple of years.” Listen to the reporting and see the footage of how this community who relies on military dollars. Are cold-hearted greedy people. The very people who depend on us to protect their freedom. But at the same time say “You’re not worth it!”

I ask that all veterans and their families get the word out about how our active duty service members cannot speak up for fear of reprisals. It’s time to raise our voices as one!

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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