Vietnam War – Ken Burns – Commentary from Mark Arguello, Producer

Sept. 24, 2017 Facebook, Afnamvet Blog;

A week ago my life was tranquil at peace. And what I’m speaking my thoughts is not about me speaking for my fellow Vietnam vets. I do not have the right to say I do by any means.
We may share some of the same frustration, anger, and resentment. “Vietnam War” has brought this feeling to the surface again! And yet at least for me; 42 years after the fall of Saigon, April 30, 1975.
Society wanted to forget about this chapter of American history, I’m paraphrasing what was mention in the first episode last Sunday. Monday, my cable connection with Comcast was out for the entire evening. This meant no internet, or Wifi could be used to communicate.
I don’t know what the 2nd episode was about, only to view the 3rd episode and how the conflict escalated. It’s ramifications with President Lyden B.Johnson, and the American government.
To this day I carry this anger toward politicians for doing nothing, while our fellow Americans died on a daily basis until 1973.
This was one of many reasons for making the documentary and I’m posting small movie clips from November 9th Of the Iwo Jima Memorial. November 10th is of last minute details and organization for the Veterans Day Parade. Along with our vet’s gathering for the Opening Ceremony, and the parade that will fellow. You can view these movie clips at Facebook Weekend to Remember documentary page. Scroll to Women’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Over the past week, talking with brother vet’s that I’ve known since 1987, and the Vietnam Veterans Leadership program. We did fundraising with Seattle King County, Veterans office to establish a halfway house. To help those homeless vets with the opportunity to mainstream back into society.
My friend who doesn’t know I’m doing this, will not be named or other’s that I met during the filming and attending Army reunions. The conversation so far has been about the anger and resentment toward Congress at that time. While my anger and resentment is toward the Anti-war movement and it’s participants. Who went about with their lives and did little to help.
Over the next days I will include other movie clips and refer to Blog.

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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