Thank You to all Pinterest “Pin It”, owners of boards and followers.

My intent when I started writing about American History and Pop Culture is morphing into something more than I expected, when I first started posting to Pinterest. History of humankind, decency, taking the risk of doing the right thing (whatever that may be) that helps others in times of upheaval of the human spirit. Is and has always been the inspiration since I was a child. When I was somewhere between 9-11 years old, my mother had a picture of Albert Schweitzer, circa 1959 in the Belgium Congo. He was noted for his contribution to helping others as doctor. I said to my mother “Mom I want to be able to help others like this man does.”

She was taken by those words and when I started the first edits for “A Weekend to Remember, 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial” documentary film. That whatever I could do to help alleviate anxiety of my fellow veterans because of PTSD is one of the many reasons the film was made. Also because of the first hand experience as witness to war and its after affects. That compassion, forgiveness, patience and understanding can lead us to “Healing, Hope and Love.” All of you have given back to me more than I can give to all of you who have supported our commonality and LOVE for humankind !
Thank You, Mark

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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