For Immediate Release – reposting from July, 2012 –

Memorial Day is next weekend. I thought it would be appropiate to repost the Press Release from July, 2012

July 28, 2012

Vietnam veteran completes unique documentary about Vietnam Veterans Memorial
and its power to heal

Over Veteran’s Day weekend in 2007, Vietnam veterans, their families and
survivors came together to mark the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Only one record of that weekend tells the story from the perspective of the surviving veterans. Mark Arguello, who served in Vietnam
in 1970, felt a deep-seated calling to commemorate the event.
With no funding and no experience in film-making, Mark made his way to
Washington D.C., video camera in hand. The resulting documentary simply
shot and devoid of any moralizing, poignantly captures the importance of the
Memorial both as a tribute to those who died and as a touchstone that helps
heal the wounds of those who returned from America’s most unpopular military

Mark is helped to get a media pass by Marilyn, a volunteer from the Vietnam Veterans of America which allows him to record the guest speakers over two days of
events. He shares with us the remarks that deeply affect him, most notably,
those by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Paul Bucha, who reminds
Veterans of their vow to future American soldiers and the importance of
“.that marvelous black wall with precious names.” Other speakers include,
Don Buzney, Master of Ceremonies; Richard Perricone, POW; Jan Scruggs,
President of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund; Army Nurse, Janis Howard;
and keynote speaker, General Colin Powell. The formal remarks serve as
counterpoint to the casual but heartfelt conversations Mark has with fellow
veterans. .

Mark financed the filming, editing and production of the documentary from
his own savings, purchasing video editing software and a computer capable of
running it. He was helped in post-production by two directors of
photography. The film was completed in May of 2012. The official website,
contains a two minute trailer, photo gallery and merchandise page. .

Mark is donating ten (10%) percent of all sales to homeless veterans
programs. Proceeds from the film will fund a film crew and equipment for the
30th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Washington D.C. Online
sales began on June 12th, 2012 from the film web site, along with early
sales at and

There is also a Facebook page, “Weekend to Remember documentary film,”
please leave comments and show your support. .

Wikipedia page is under development at this time, along with Weekend to Remember Film has registered with Merchant Circle, and Pinterest to further increase online retail presence.

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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