May 1, 1970 the prelude to Operation Tame the West begins.

7th Air Force had sent about 30- 40 security policemen (from larger bases) prior to May 1st, to provide additional support to the night shift and quick response teams. In my letter to my mother, dated April 14th, 1970. I mentioned the South Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF) would assume control of the airbase in late June or sometime in July. Also the base had not been under rocket or mortar attack for about 5 months, with the exception of small arms fire from a 3 or 4 man squad.

However from my arrival to mid-April, I did witness first hand while at Artillery Hill with the 5th Special Forces, Sergeant. How Vietnamese children behavior at the garbage dump at the Fire Support Base (FSB) was vicious toward each other over edible foodstuffs.

How one child took a rock or heavy stick and attacked another child, causing bodily harm… I was hung-over after celebrating with some of the Army troops in a nearby (underground) bunker from the night before. This occurred during the 1st week of April.

Shortly thereafter, one of the airmen by the nickname “PeeWee” had invited three African-American troopers from the 101st Airborne. He introduced us and we “Welcome” them to our barracks. We had drinks together and talked.

One of the guys, was quite intelligent and kind; as well as his fellow troopers. This was near mid-April, 1970; they would be returning to Phu Bai, base camp for the 10st Airborne Division. PeeWee didn’t hear from these guys for about month or so.

More about this outcome in the next couple of days.

About pleiku1970

My service at Pleiku, 1970 is significient because of the Cambodian Incursion. Close proximity to exit routes from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the "Tri-Border area of Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. This Air Force assignment was different than most, because of the isolation.
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