Memorial Day is approaching – 2018

Let us share our Honor of those who sacrificed. My way of sharing that, take an hour sometime this week. Or on Memorial Day to view Volume 1 of the film. Here’s the link”
of Weekend To Remember, 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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April 30, 1975, Forty Three years later.

All my fellow Nam vets, the 2 million or so that served in country.
I feel we’ve reached a milestone of sorts. Whatever the number of us who are still around.

We’re here… from that day to the present! Our lives. without our consent. Became and was stereotyped by the Media, as all American presidential administrations. Gave us lip service. Along with our buddies at the Veterans Administration who decided who would be entitled to PTSD compensation or drug therapy. I say that feciosuly. Because they at the direction of political deals with the DOD. Or whoever they chose.

That may explain why 40,000 plus of our brothers and sisters committed suicide. Because of the pain and sorrow. We endured during those first years after the war was over.

Times have changed, we have changed… some of us have healed, yet those memories of that time “in country.” Remain forever more. …

So today before we go to bed, let us remember what Major Michael O’Donnell said “take one moment to embrace these gentle heros you left behind.”

I don’t know if anyone out cyberland, wants view Volume I of Weekend To Remember, 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial. On YouTube.

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MLK – 2018, DENVER

via DENVER MLK – 2018

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Closing speeches after MLK – Marade, 2018

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday, I remember vividly as a high school senior. That April, 1968 and how our race relations was illumined for what it is and is not. August of that year, I enlisted in the Air Force, then volunteered for Vietnam. The experiences of May, 1970 at Pleiku airbase and the Cambodian Incursion forever changed my viewpoint about race relations. This past week leading up to honoring his birthday and contribution to making America a better place. Was not evident this week. An Ohio school teacher in Mason City School District, told a African American student he would be lynched by his classmates if he didn’t do his work.

The school district initially said no action would be taken against the school teacher. Two days later the school superintendent was apologetic. Two days after that the New reported a Maryland hospital released a patient (elderly woman) wearing only her hospital gown.

If this wasn’t enough of the insensitive comments toward African American student or elderly woman. President Trump’s further makes a bad situation worse. With his comments first reported by NBC News website about “Haiti, and African countries as “S*******s.”

The only U.S. Senator Dick Durbin who witness the President verified what he said. While other Republican Senators and House of representatives commented he did not. This politicans would rather please a racist, than defend the citizens who voted for human decency.

President Abraham Lincoln of the Republican party is one of the few decent politician’s. In recent history, for example in 1964 when Senator Barry Goldwater decided to run for office of the President. He opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Other news sources reported because of his stance, he alone made and created the conservative GOP not to support African Americans equality and their Civil Rights. The ”GOP,” Grand Old Party only serves one purpose to maintain the status quo of supporting their cronies in Big Business and Politics. They say “Hell with the minorities, we’ll use them to build your homes, pave your streets, but they can’t live here! So today’s” Republican’s ” overwhelming vote for a new “Tax Bill” that entities the wealthy and Big Business tax breaks. While the rest of our citizens may carry the burden of low wages, lack of medical care, or reducing Medicare or other programs to help the poorest in our country. I feel it’s time people throughout the United States come together and move forward. To vote out of office all politicians (THROW THE BUM’S OUT!) who supported the “Tax Bill.” Along with BOYCOTTING the businesses who made contributions that made sure they would be elected to office. This is 2018, Say NO to JIM CROW!

Lastly, I spoek with a fellow Vietnam veteran who is active with the homeless in the Greater Philadelphia area. He said Dr. Martin Luther King died in Vain! I hope he is wrong.

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T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G to all my Brothers, and Sister and friends.

H-A-P-P-Y  T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G to all my Brothers, and Sister and friends from Alaska to Florida and all point’s in between. Regardless where you served, we always made to most of this day.

Eating in a chow hall, in the field, or whatever the weather was like. The Brass could think of and tried to make the day a little more bearable.  Remembering our families, relatives, and friends. Your friendship’s over the years! Our shared experiences of Hope, Comfort, made all the difference in my Life! Thank You, so much with my LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! Mark Arguello!

H-A-P-P-Y   T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G


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First volume of documentary film on YouTube.

via Volume 1 of Weekend to Remember, 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Volume 1 of Weekend to Remember, 25th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Everyone!! Is posted and can be viewed on youtube, here’s the link: for a limited time.
I want to say “Thank You” to all the veterans I met 10 years ago in Washington D.C. Especially to all the members of the North Dakota VVA, Chapter 874, 39th Combat Engineers Battalion.
Father Billy who I met during the filming of the Opening Ceremony, Veterans Day parade at the National Mall. Roger Cheek introduction to Dustin Blanchard, NBC affiliate of Atlanta, GA. Who inspired me to continue that weekend, culminating with being part of the media who also recorded the speech by Colin Powell, Gen. (retired).
Trooper James Abram, Charlie Co, 1st/12th Air Cavalry, 1966-1967 who together we shared space on the media stand. He has guided me with his faith in God and the teachings of the Bible. When I wondered how the film project would become of fruition
Post Production I want to say “Thank You” to Donatello Bonato, Luis Villalon, for their cameraman and filming editing experience. Who without I would have been completely overwhelmed?
John Locker, of Sonic Factory Studios, as the Audio Engineer who transformed the audio tracks. From a tangled mess of noise to a work of Art! Thank You, Jon!
Dale “Doc” Shepherd, Medic,39th Combat Engineers Battalion, audio engineer for recording the Narration audio track.
Without the help of these people. I wouldn’t be writing this today. Last but not least to my friend Ray Benson, Air Force veteran, served in-country at Pang Rang airbase. For his tireless support of film sales in the upper Midwest. Thank You, Brother…
Along with all my fellow Vietnam veterans, brothers and sister’s I met at 101st Airborne Division, 4th Infantry Division, 39th Combat Engineer Battalion, and VSPA reunions.
I ask all who view to please share with all you know and let’s make this viral today! And every day!

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