4th Of July…Is it taken for granted?

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Memorial Day is approaching

via Memorial Day is approaching

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Memorial Day is approaching

I am blessed to continue to post about Memorial Day since 2012. For those who do follow the blog page. I refrain from being pulled into the politics of day. And I’ll leave it at that. What is more important than whatever “side” your on. Is what we did as service in whatever war. At the time of in theatre service, I don’t think we thought much about “Freedom of Speech.” Our focus was staying alive. Rescuing our buddies, and getting the medical help they needed.

I will say this, over the last 49 years. There is help for all of us. As this is just me saying this: “As brother and sister vets, we need to let those we know! Regardless of how our day is: We’re there for our fellow brothers and sisters. PTSD is devastating to all of us, we know there is no “Magic Wand” that will erase the nightmares and the pain.

We only have one thing! That is our LOVE for each other who suffer this day in and day out! I had my share of bad days, only in the last couple of years have I told my closest friends. About how my heart and soul was crying every day from September 14, 1970, into the early 1990s. I made the decision to do the work, to make myself better. Sometime’s I would wake up and I wasn’t crying on the inside and it took time.

Making the film wasn’t about me, it was about Honoring Vietnam Veterans. To at least say this is our moment along with every day to remember those from that war. Along with every war since then.

Here’s the link to Volume I of Weekend To Remember, 25th Anniversary, Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Share with those who care and maybe those who take our sacrifice for granted. Which we do not take anything for granted!

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Virgina Beach School districts discriminate – Special Education chlldren.

via Virgina Beach School districts discriminate – Special Education chlldren.

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Virgina Beach School districts discriminate – Special Education chlldren.

I happen upon the broadcast by PBS series Making the Grade. Jan. 29, 19; is about Virginia Beach denying Special Education children who are dependents of U.S. Navy personnel.

Here is the link: Making the Grade

When you read the transcript or view the video, I think those of us who have served. Will be shocked and angered by the Virginia Beach school districts who take the position of ” they won’t be here next or gone in a couple of years.” Listen to the reporting and see the footage of how this community who relies on military dollars. Are cold-hearted greedy people. The very people who depend on us to protect their freedom. But at the same time say “You’re not worth it!”

I ask that all veterans and their families get the word out about how our active duty service members cannot speak up for fear of reprisals. It’s time to raise our voices as one!

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Covington Catholic High School Disrespects Vietnam Veteran.

Late Saturday evening, before bedtime. I saw NBC News about Covington students disrespectful to Native American Vietnam Veteran.

I am outraged by the failure of the school staff, the parent’s failure to teach their children to respect all viewpoints and all people regardless of color. Or of the student staring down the Vietnam Veteran, Nathan Phillips.

The tenants of our country are founded on the separation of church and state. So why did Covington Catholic High School allow students to wear MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats to a rally that violates, the 1st Amendment of the Consitution of the United States!

Clearly, the Archedose of Covington feels they can dictate and support intimidation of and by high school students. Or openly send students to march against women rights concerning abortion. While the staff did not intervene to take control, while students openly smirk and belittle a Native American. I was raised Catholic, produced a documentary film about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. My film website has pictures of tribal members of Navajo Nation.

The Catholic Arcedose of Covington needs to fire the staff and administrator for allowing students behavior and wearing of MAGA hats to school. The students are a shameful embarrassment of what Catholicism is supposed to be about. I support a person’s right to their opinion and may not always agree. However, act’s of racist behavior toward Native Americans and disrespect to Vietnam Veteran is a BIG Step backward days before Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday!

Update: I understand there was a chaperone with the students? Why didn’t they intervene?

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Four Million government contractors are not part of the conversation!

via Four Million government contractors are not part of the conversation!

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